Index64 has been engineered over a period of 4 years by two experienced developers, who anticipated the need for in-memory data access performance, and complex data requests. From the data structures to the implementation, going through the algorithm, all has been thoroughly studied and tested, with deep attention to details, to get the best out of the current hardware possibilities. We are not talking about academic research nor proof of concept, nor are we talking about an open source project. Index64 is a private engineering project which gave birth to a breakthrough technology. It was conducted with the aim to confer a decisive competitive advantage to its future owner.

Jean-Christian Llobet

worked as an IT performance expert for 20+ years. He helped IT architects of large companies optimizing the overall performance of their infrastructure. As a true expert, Jean-Christian owns a top-down vision of his art. Among his key achievements, JC has developed many outstanding software and hacks in various environment. Jean-Christian is fond of processor manufacturing, compilation techniques, physics, science fiction and politics. He holds an engineering degree from Ecole des Mines – France and a MBA from the IAE – Paris institution.

Harold Chatenet

followed a multi-disciplinary career path. He went through international sales in the software industry, before joining a management consulting firm where he led several strategic company reorganizations. Since 2009, Harold has developed several multi-million downloads iOS apps. Harold is fond of marketing, finance and creativity. He holds a masters degree in innovation management from Paris IX Dauphine and a MBA from HEC-Paris.